About Us

Realphoton Technology Co., Limited is a company who is committed to technologies in fiber optical communication and radio over fiber transmission.

Realphoton develops and promotes photonics products such as lithium niobate modulators, photo-receivers, semiconductor lasers and corresponding RF drivers and bias controllers through engineering, sales, testing and productions teams at China facility. Realphoton provides innovative and cost-effective laser and photonic solutions to its customers all over the world, most of which are researchers, engineers or even producers. The product we is not only brand-named optical fiber active components and devices, but also the equipment for testing and measuring.

Competitive advantage

*Thousands of products in stock, ready for delivery.

*Next-day delivery available in most products

*Best cost over performance

*24×7 online quotation, ordering and technical support

*72-hour replacement policy

*Customization for customers’ specification

Featured Products

Lithium Niobate Modulator

We provide plenty of sorts of LN modulator covering data ratio of 100G/40G/20G/10Gbps, and suited for modulation type of DP-QPSK, DP-BPSK, DQPSK, NRZ, DPSK, QAM and so on. All the Modulators are manufactured by transnational corporation as Fujitsu, Oclaro, JDSU. Sumitomo.


Optical-electric receivers, such as PIN detector, PIN-TIA receiver and balanced receiver, integrated coherent receiver are also available, of which the brands are Fujitsu, U2T(Finisar),Cyoptics(Avago) Neophotonics. The data ratio of photo-receivers cover 100G/40G//10Gbps, covering O, C, L wavelength band.

Electra-Optical Equipment

All the equipment including optical amplifier, wavelength tunable lase, narrow or wide spectrum light sources, optical power meter, programmable attenuator are customization available. We manufacture the equipment upon customer request, no matter module or bench-top.

BTW: Lucent Brother Technology Co., Ltd is a subsidiary owned by Realphoton Technology Co., Ltd. They are both focused in technology of optical fiber communication and radio over fiber tramsmission.