Hi-speed Optical Comm. Device

20GHz Amplifier
20GHz LiNbO3 Modulator Driver, Wide Band Amplifier, EVK-RF-A-20-M The driver amplifier is a general-purpose broadband amplifier designed especially for  Mach-Zehnder optical modulator driver applications. Its exceptional performance and small size make it an easy addition to your Intermediate Reach, Long Haul, or Ultra Long Haul network infrastructure design. It provides a […]

28GHz LiNbO3 Modulator Driver, Wide Band Amplifier, Max. 32 Gbps,

Tunable Laser Display - Resize
Continuous Tunable Laser Module, C Band or L Band, 1pm Resolution, High Power and Stability The Continuous Tunable Laser module is a high performance continuous wave (CW)  and continuous wavelength tunable laser source for use in the C or L band window covering 1527nm to 1608nm. It features ultra high […]

Continuous Wavelength Tunable, 1pm Resolution, C Band or L Band, ...

EVK-RF-A-10-21-M -Angled Side View - mini
DESCRIPTION The optical modulator driver provides a high-quality, single-ended voltage to drive an external laser modulator. Typical applications include driving EML, EAM, and Mach-Zehnder style modulators. It amplifies up to 12.5 Gb/s data input signals to >+7.5 Vpp drive levels. The flat gain and flat group delay response yield a […]

10GHz Wideband Amplifier, 7.5V, LN/EA Modulator Driver, EVK-RF-A-10-21-M

DESCRIPTION The pump laser driver consists of three sections: LD bias, back PD current monitor and temperature stabilizer. It is suited for 10-pin or 14-pin butterfly packaged pump laser or equivalent. A 4.3-inch touch screen make it very easy of use for green hand, and the RS232 serial comm. port […]

Butterfly Packaged Pump Driver, Touch Screen, Power and TEC Tunable

This optical modulator is a Ti:LiNbO3 IQ/QAM Dual-Drive Mach-Zehnder modulator with modulation speed of up to 22.5Gbaud. Features Low Drive Voltage, RF VπVoltage [email protected], Typ. 40Gbps(22GBaud) Mach-Zehnder Modulator Using Ti-diffused LiNbO3 Waveguide Technology for QPSK/QAM Transmission Format. Separated DC Bias Port, Built-in Monitor Photodiode for Auto Bias Control Low Insertion […]

40Gbps IQ/QAM Modulator, Fujitsu FTM7960EX, Dual Drive QPSK Modulator

These high speed photodiodes are hermetically sealed, high reliability, low harmonic distortion photodiode modules designed for high optical power applications with typical bandwidths of 16GHz, respectively. The devices are well suited for receiver applications with optical pre-amplification, and are available with an internal 50 Ω termination. These photodiode modules are […]

14Ghz Analog PIN Photo-Detector, Discovery DSC40S, High Power Low Distortion

The integrated DPSK receiver module IDRV consists of a balanced photoreceiver and an integrated delay-line interferometer (DLI). The IDRV is a differential front-end for 43 Gbit/s DPSK-applications featuring high differential gain of typically 1500 V/W. The two output ports of a phase-tunable DLI are coupled into two single chip waveguide-integrated […]

43Gbps Integrated DPSK Receiver, U2T IDRV2242A, Delay Line Interferometer Integrated

40Gbps DQPSK Modulator, Sumitomo T.SBZH1.5-20PD-ADC, Dual Drive IQ Modulator This optical modulator is a DQPSK Dual-Drive( Quad GPPO) Mach-Zehnder modulator with modulation speed of up to 22.5Gbaud. The structure of dual drive MZ interferometers enables exact phase match or arbitrary phase difference control, which make it ideal for some novel […]

40Gbps DQPSK Modulator, Sumitomo T.SBZH1.5-20PD-ADC, Dual Drive IQ Modulator

10Gbps APD Preamp Receiver, Bookham (Oclaro) AT10GC, Fiber Coupled Photo-Detector The AT10GC receiver consists of an avalanche photodiode, a low-noise preamplifier and a precision NTC thermistor in a hermetic coplanar package with a connectorized single-mode fiber pigtail. Differential outputs are provided to improve noise rejection for enhanced sensitivity. It has […]

10Gbps APD Preamp Receiver, Bookham (Oclaro) AT10GC, Fiber Coupled Photo-Detector

Product Description OptiMems’ MEMS Variable Optical Attenuator uses an electrostatic tilting morror to change light coupling between input and output fibers. Key fatures include low IL, fast response and compact size. MEMS VOA is available in dark or bright type. Applications include power equalization before optical amplification in multi-channel WDM […]

OPTIMEMS 1060 1310 1550 1600nm SM/PM MEMS VOA Variable Optical ...

2.5Gbps APD Preamp Receiver, Bookham (Oclaro) ATM2400C, Fiber Coupled Photo-Detector The ATM2400C is a high sensitivity optical receiver optimized for OC-48 optical transport systems. The high sensitivity performance given by the avalanche photodiode (APD) and preamp make the product ideal for maximizing unamplified transmission distances. The receiver supports FEC data […]

2.5Gbps APD Preamp Receiver, Bookham (Oclaro) ATM2400C, Fiber Coupled Photo-Detector

The coherent receiver module FIM24706 consists of an integrated polarization beam splitter and four balanced photo-receivers monolithically integrated with optical 90° hybrids. The receiver is a fully differential optical front-end suited for 128Gbps DP-QPSK applications featuring high linearity and high common mode rejection ratio. The optical 90° hybrids demodulate the […]

100Gbps Coherent DP-QPSK Receiver, Fujitsu FIM24706, PBS and Hybrid Integrated

No. Laser Diode Module Appearance Application Remark 1 Finisar 40G VSR TOSA, 40Gbps Short Reach Transmitter, Part Code: MZ02-0-0000-1-LC-0005, 40Gbps, MZ Integrated, External Modulation, 1550nm, GPPO, Single Drive, 2 Opnext LE7B60, 40Gbps Short Reach Transmitter, Electro-absorption Modulator Laser, 1550nm, GPPO, Single Input, 3 Mitsubishi FU-697SEA, 40Gbps Short Reach Transmitter, 43Gbps […]

Seminconductor Laser for Equipment, Instrument, Module, Card Repair

No. Photo-receiver Appearance Application Remark 1 U2T DPRV2022A,  40Gbps Short Reach Receiver, 40Gbps, Single Fiber, Differential GPPO Output 2 YOKOGAWA B9977XZ, 40Gbps Short Reach Receiver, 40Gbps, Single Fiber, Single GPPO Output 3 NEL NLTH2CHOE, 40Gbps DQPSK Transmission System Receiver, 40Gbps, Dual Fiber, Balanced Receiver, Differential Output 4 Multiplex MTRX192L, 10Gbps […]

Photo-receiver for Equipment, Instrument, Module, Card Repair

No. RF Driver / Amplifier Appearance Application Remark 1 Inphi 2514DZ 25Gbps DQPSK LN Differential Modulator Driver,  GPPO, Single Input, Differential Output, Max. 8Vpp, 25Gbps Band-width, 2 SHF AS824-2-K1 or SHF AS824-1-K1, 40Gbps Transponder, LN Modulator Driver, and EM/DM Laser Driver, 40Gbps, Single Input and Output, GPPO 3 SHF S100 40Gbps […]

RF Driver / Amplifier for Equipment, Instrument, Module, Card Repair

40Gbps 1:4 Demultiplexer Module, Centellax MD1S4V1M, Agilent N4983A-D40 The MD1S4V1M is a 1:4 demultiplexer. The module accepts input data rates from 2.6 to 44 Gb/s with an input sensitivity less than 200mV-se. Differential data inputs are DC coupled and terminated with 50 ohm resistors to minimize reflections. The single-ended, half […]

1:4 Demultiplexer, 40Gbps, Centellax MD1S4V1M, Agilent N4983A-D40

40Gbps 4:1 Multiplexer Module, Centellax MS4S1V1M, Agilent N4983A-M40 MS4S1V1M is a broadband 4 to 1 MUX with continuous coverage from 2 to 44 Gb/s. The four quarter-rate data inputs are single-ended and AC-coupled, while the full-rate data output is fully differential and DC-coupled. The MUX accepts a half-rate input clock […]

4:1 Multiplexer, 40Gbps, Centellax MS4S1V1M, Agilent N4983A-M40