40G速率 DP-BPSK调制器, Fujitsu FTM7980EDA, 铌酸锂光纤调制器

40Gbps PM-BPSK Modulator, Fujitsu FTM7980EDA, Lithium Niobate DP-BPSK Modulator

This optical modulator is a Ti:LiNbO3 DP-BPSK Dual-Drive Mach-Zehnder modulator with modulation speed of up to 21.5Gbaud. This modulator comprises 3dB coupler, two BPSK modulators, polarization rotator followed by the polarization beam combiner and the built-in monitor PD chips for automatic bias control (ABC) for the compensation system of DC-drift and other phenomena.

The FTM7980EDA modulator supports the advanced Dual Polarization-DPSK modulation scheme. In general, the DPSK format is particularly suitable for 40G ULH applications; in combination with coherent detection the 2*20G polarization multiplexed version is very attractive as an upgrade to existing 10G links to a 40G transmission rate without modification of the link.


  • 43Gbps (21.5Gbaud) Mach-Zehnder modulator for “DP-BPSK” transmission format
  • 2 PSK modulators and Polarization Beam Combiner are integrated in one package.
  • RF interface: GPPO dual drive
  • Low drive voltage: < 3.5V (2Vp)
  • Built-in monitor photo diodes for each polarization.


  • High end 40G transmission
    • DWDM System
    • ULH and Submarine over existing 10G links
    • 40G Transponders and Line-cards
  • Radio over Fiber Transmission